Fleio 2023.08.0 beta is now available and you can test it in your lab environment.

Edit journal items

The journal, which you can find in the staff panel Billing > Journal, records all money movements: credit card payments, invoice payments, amount added or subtracted from client credit, refunds, etc. You can now edit or delete journal entries and related balance and operations will update accordingly, i.e. invoice marked back as unpaid or amount removed from the client credit balance.

Reorder configurable options values

Configurable options are used when ordering a product for things like additional storage space or dedicated IPv4 addresses. You can now change the order of the dropdown or radio button configurable options values.

License refresh speed-up

A license refresh is performed on every Fleio upgrade or when you manually run the command fleio license --refresh. This command used to restart all Fleio Docker containers. Now the license refresh operation is much faster, only reloading the backend and the celery container.


Many other improvements and bug fixes are part of the Fleio 2023.08.0 release. For a complete list, see full change log.