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Fleio version 1.0 is available, enabling companies to quickly launch public cloud services

Fleio today announced its OpenStack® customer management, billing and control panel software for public cloud and web hosting companies, Fleio version 1.0.

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Fleio 0.9.31: cPanel shared web hosting accounts and more

We’ve just released Fleio 0.9.31 which introduces cPanel shared web hosting automation and other features and bug fixes.

Add cPanel/WHM server

Add cPanel/WHM server

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Fleio 0.9.30: cPanel manage2 module, MaxMind fraud check, support tickets system and many more

We’ve just released Fleio version 0.9.30-alpha. This release comes with a huge list of features and bug fixes. Let’s see what’s new!

Fleio 0.9.30

Fleio 0.9.30

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Fleio 0.9.22-alpha now available

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and we’ve made seven releases since then.

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Fleio 0.9.16-alpha released

Fleio 0.9.16 alpha is now available to download and install in your OpenStack cloud.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Clients are no longer linked directly to an OpenStack project. We’ve introduced services which will be the base for any billing activity, allowing us to later introduce other hosting services billing (like cPanel accounts or domain names). An OpenStack project is now linked to a service.
  • Billing menu option is now available in staff panel where we have Orders, Packages, Invoices and Services. The ordering process is not yet completed and released.
  • Users activity log. We’re currently logging just a few actions, like user logged in,  logged out, user changed password, edit profile etc . The following releases will extend the logged actions list.
  • Staff users can upload VM images
  • Global (all regions) memory usage stats
  • We’ve switched Fleio from using Python 2 to Python 3. This has been in the works for a few months and is now ready for prime time. If you’re upgrading for a previous Fleio version everything is done automatically, except that you will be required to re-enter your trial licensing key. And by the way, email us if you’d like to extend your trial license.
  • Many other small features and bug fixes. See release notes here.

Online demo is available here and you can sign up for a free trial license and install Fleio on your machine.


Pie charts on staff dashboard, Windows support, extra IPs

We have released three more alpha versions in the last two months: 0.9.10, 0.9.11 and, today, 0.9.12.

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What’s new in Fleio 0.9.9

We have just released Fleio version 0.9.9. This is an alpha version and it is not recommended for production use.

  • We have a new billing settings model that allows configuring different credit thresholds, notifications and automatic actions for each client or group of clients.
  • You can now add/change/remove OpenStack instance IP addresses from the staff panel.
  • License activation and check is now working even if you are behind a proxy
  • Other small features and improvements

See full change log here:

Check out online demo:

Get a trial license to evaluate Fleio on your own hardware:


Fleio 0.9.7 released

We have just released Fleio 0.9.7-alpha.



Fleio 0.9.6, OpenStack billing, released

The 0.9.6 version brings:

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Fleio 0.9.5, OpenStack billing, released

Fleio version 0.9.5 alpha is now available to install.

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