We’ve just released Fleio billing 1.1 introducing support for OpenStack Rocky, domain name registration and many more features.

Domain name registration

Domain name registration

This is the second Fleio stable release and it marks our change in direction to a more general billing solution for cloud computing and classic web hosting solutions.

Main new features include:

  • We now officially support Rocky, the latest OpenStack version
  • Domain name registration and management and the first two registrars module: OpenProvider and ResellerClub
  • Retrieve and store domain registration/transfer/renew pricing from all registrars API so that staff can decide which registrar to use and reduce cost
  • Ability to boot from local storage, existing volume or create volume when creating a new compute instance and also specify volume type and size
Select boot source for new instances

Select boot source for new instances

  • Staff users can edit email notification templates and templates translations
Edit notification template

Edit notification template

  • Staff users can manually create invoices
  • Automatically update currency exchange rates
  • Setting for default domain for newly created OpenStack projects
  • numerous other features and bug fixes

Full change log: https://fleio.com/docs/changelog.html#v1-1-0

You can see a Fleio demo online and sign up for a free trial license.

Leave a comment below with features that you’d like to have in Fleio.