Fleio 1.2: instance backup, IPv6 firewall rules, TLDs custom fields and more

We’ve just released Fleio 1.2. OpenStack instance backup, IPv6 firewall rules, TLDs custom fields and many more.

Fleio transactions journal

Fleio transactions journal

Here are some of the improvements:

  • New OpenStack instance can boot from existing volume
  • OpenStack instances backup feature
  • End-users can upgrade the service and invoice is automatically generated for the difference
  • Improve payment journal display
  • Add IPv6 to OpenStack security groups (firewall rules)
  • Add TLD specific custom fields
  • End-users can edit domain WHOIS contact information
  • Add signature feature for staff users configurable by department
  • Add setting for allowing/disallowing end users to change passwords

Full change log is here: https://fleio.com/docs/changelog.html#v1-2-0



  1. Does Fleio automates Swift objects management and billing?

  2. Not right not, but it’s on our roadmap.

  3. Hi

    I’ve notice your demo site shows a large negative amount in the credit balance: -6,130.04 USD

    How come you allow a negative balance?

  4. Hi, James,

    You can actually set the balance limit. And decide to suspend instances etc. when credit balance reaches zero and not allow new cloud resources to be created by end-users.

    See http://demo.fleio.org/staff/settings/configurations/1

    – Required credit for new services
    – Credit limit
    – Suspension settings

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