We’ve just released Fleio stable version 1.3.

Fleio 1.3 - add new server

Fleio 1.3 – add new server

1.3 will be the last release from 2018 and we’re already working to bring some exciting new capabilities to Fleio in 2019.

We’ll have an important announcemnet in January. Stay tunned, but for now let’s see what new in version 1.3:

  • extended cPanel shared hosting server settings and service association with server
  • support for custom field validation and define custom fields for all supported TLDs
  • OpenStack pricing plan change for clients
  • enhanced and meaningful transactions journal
  • ROTLD registrar connector
  • customize the front-end with your files (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) without modifying Fleio core files and getting into the custom-code-merge-on-upgrade-hell
  • many, many enhancements, small improvements and bug fixes

See full 1.3 change log here: https://fleio.com/docs/changelog.html#v1-3-0


Happy holidays and see you in 2019!