Fleio 2019.08: Mass emails to filtered clients, volume snapshots, flavor id preservation and more

Fleio version 2019.08 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2019-08-06 and adds volume snapshots as a major feature.

Mass email to filtered clients

With the latest release we have added a new feature that will allow you to send emails to your clients, directly from Fleio. You can filter your clients based on their status or type of service. You can also filter your clients by their details regarding Openstack region, Openstack node, instance type, operating system, flavor / flavor group and so on.

Mass email can be configured to send emails in batches with a set interval between each batch. Also, we added a few parameters so you can easily customize the email body.

Volume snapshots

With Fleio 2019.08 we added support for volume snapshots. You will now find a new menu option called “Volume snapshots” where you can create, edit and even revert your snapshot to a previous version.

Volume reverting

With the introduction of volume snapshot we also added a new feature to revert volumes to a previous version. With this new feature you can save a snapshot of your volume’s current state, and revert to that version any time.

Flavor ID preservation

On the previous releases, the flavor’s ID was changing every time you edited the flavor. This caused some issues for already running instances on those flavors (they lost the flavor property so the instances were not billed properly).

We implemented a fix by adding a checkbox to preserve flavor when editing it.

Secured OpenRC file

We made a few changes on how the OpenRC file is generated. On the last release we implemented OpenRC file to have the api user’s password in plain text included in the file.

This was causing a security issue for OpenRC files generated for admin users.

With the latest release we modified the OpenRC file generation to not include the password in plain text, but to request it when sourcing the file.

export OS_INTERFACE=publicURL

export OS_USERNAME=****
export OS_PROJECT_ID=****
echo "Please enter your OpenStack password as user $OS_USERNAME: "
export OS_AUTH_URL=****
export OS_NO_CACHE=1
export OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME=Default
export OS_REGION_NAME=****

# For openstackclient

Fleio 2019.08 includes many more improvements, such as replacing several UI icons to be more meaningful, customizable PDF generation for invoices, billing history visual improvements, bug fixes and so on. For a full list see the full 2019.08 changelog.

See the latest version of Fleio in the online demo and contact us to discuss how we can implement Fleio in your OpenStack cloud.


  1. Why was the flavor ID changing on update before?

    • Hello, Andrey,

      That is the way that Openstack api works for flavor modifications (you can’t really modify a flavor, you have to delete it and recreate it). We implemented a workaround that will keep the old uuiid when re-creating the flavor.

      Marian Chelmus – Fleio

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