A French translation of Fleio is now available as open source.

Fleio login page in French

Fleio is a commercial software product with shared source code. You still need to pay for the license to use Fleio, but 99% of the source code is available for our customers to review and modify.

Besides Fleio itself, we’ve made a few small open source projects available under the BSD License: https://github.com/fleio.

One of the open source project is fleio-i18n. You’ll find tools and documentation to translate Fleio in your own language.

Optionally, you can make your translation open source and ask us to include it in the fleio-i18n project. You’ll get our thanks and internet’s gratitude. 🙂

hopla.cloud is French startup about to launch a new cloud powered by OpenStack and Fleio. The Hopla team translated Fleio in French and was kind enough to share it as open source. You’ll find the French translation in fleio-i18n.

Thank you Hopla and good luck with your new venture!