Fleio 2021.10.0 is now available in beta and you can test it in your lab environment since this is not recommended for production.

You can read more about our release model here.

New life cycle notifications

In the 2021.10 release we have implemented new life cycle notifications for invoices, domains and services.

When you will upgrade to the latest release you will be able to configure these notifications on the configuration panel.

For invoices, we have added a payment reminder notification, which will be sent 7 days and 2 days before the due date.

We have also added a new invoice notification for overdue payments. These notifications will be sent 1,3 and 5 days after the invoice due date.

In the latest release we also added life cycle invoices for services too:

A new notification will be sent to the client when his service will be suspended/resumed.

Besides invoices and services, we also added domain related notifications.

Additional modifiers and filters for OpenStack pricing rules

In 2021.10 release we also added additional modifier and filters for OpenStack pricing rules.

Now you will be able to configure the “has boot volume” filter and modifier for instances.

As for volumes, you will also be able to set a filter and modifier, depending on the instance’s flavor.

Domain registration workflow for unregistered users

With the latest release, we added the possibility of ordering domains for unregistered users.

This will allow you to offer your prospects a direct URL for domain registration (https://YOUR-FLEIO-URL.TLD/plugins/domains/register-domain).

After adding their domain to the cart, they will have two new options:

  • log in (if they already have a new account)
  • register

After implementing this in Fleio, we also added the possibility for unregistered users to order any kind of available products, by accessing the https://YOUR-FLEIO-URL.TLD/billing/cart URL.

Configurable option price as percentage of product price

A new addition to Fleio 2021.10 is the possibility to configure the configurable option price as percentage of the product price.

By having this option, you will be able to dynamically set the price of a configurable options, as follows:

  • percentage of the product price
  • percentage of the product price + all other configurable option

We’ll talk about some of the other features in the stable release, 2021.10.1, which should be out in about one week.

In the meanwhile, see a complete list of changes in the 2021.10.0 changelog.