Fleio 2021.12.0 is now available in beta and you can test it in your lab environment since this is not recommended for production.

You can read more about our release model here.

OpenStack – Wallaby and Xena support

With the latest release we are proud to let you know that we have added the most recent OpenStack releases (Wallaby and Xena) to the list of supported Openstack versions.

Billing for DNS zones

In the 2021.12 release we have implemented billing for DNS zones.

In order to be able to charge your clients for each DNS zones, you must create a new pricing rule, using the new resource type DNS DOMAINS.

The pricing rule has support for the usual time units, and it will also be applied to already existing DNS zones.

Multi attachable volumes and volume types support

In the latest release we have also added support for multi attachable volumes and volumes types.

In order to create a multi attachable volume you will first need to create a new volume type, with the multiattach <is> True property.

When creating a new volume you will have the possibility to select the Multi attach volume type:

Project quotas management improvements

With 2021.12 release we have also made some improvements to project quotas. In previous Fleio versions, you had to select the Region on each tab (compute, volume and network).

With the latest changes, the region was moved outside of the quotas tabs:

Maxmind improvements

In the latest release we have also added more improvements to the maxmind fraud checks.

Now, if a new client order is automatically marked as fraud, then he will be notified that his order is under manual review.

Also, we have added more details about the fraud check. These details are available for staff users, on the order details.

Note that the 2021.12 release requires manual steps when upgrading. Check our upgrading notes.

We’ll talk about some of the other features in the stable release, 2021.12.1, which should be out in about one week.

In the meanwhile, see a complete list of changes in the 2021.12.0 changelog.