We have just released Fleio version 2022.10.1. This is a stable version. and it is recommended for production. Read on to find out what’s new.

Configure the text that shows estimated cost on create instance form

In the 2022.10.0 beta version release post we’ve already mentioned:

  • Pinned support tickets
  • OpenStack compute instances shelving and unshelving operations and the setting to shelve automatically instance when a project is suspended (e.g., for late payment).
  • new fleio stop/backup/restore commands.

Here are a few more features worth mentioning.

Configure estimate cost text

You can now configure the text that appears to end-users under a create OpenStack resource form, such as instances. You can change wording, HTML formatting and also period of time for cost estimation (per minute/hour/month). Top picture shows how this is edited in the staff panel.

Configure ticket notification per user per department

You may have staff users that should only get email notifications from just some of the departments and email notifications on just some of the support ticket-related events.

You can edit this on each staff user edit form or on support department form.

Simplified upgrade process

The recommended Fleio upgrade procedure included some manual actions like disabling periodic tasks and backing up. You no longer have to do this manually. Both happen automatically when you run fleio upgrade.

And more

  • fleio commands are now faster
  • you can configure automatic logs clean up X months
  • email notifications are sent on crash to email configured in ADMINS in settings.py

You can find even more improvements in the 2022.10.1 change log.

Enjoy and ping us if you have any questions!