Fleio BETA version 2022.11.0 is now available to test in your lab environment. The big news is that Fleio now officially supports OpenStack Zed release. There are many other improvements mentioned below.

Improved presentation the activity log entry

OpenStack Zed support

Our GitLab pipeline now includes testing against the latest OpenStack release: Zed. Each commit that goes into our GIT main branch is automatically testing with OpenStack Zed as well.

Bind user sessions to IP

For extended security we decided to link a Fleio user session to the IP address where he authenticated. This means that in the unlikely event that an attacker intercepts the authentication token from your session, he will not be able to use that token from another IP address.

If you can control the environment from which staff users and/or end-user log in to Fleio, you can disable this behavior and keep the session authenticated even if the browser is used from another IP. Read the Bind user sessions to IP address documentation section to change this for end-users or for staff users.

Switch to Docker Compose Version 2

Listing services with Docker Compose V2

docker-compose (aka Docker Compose V1) is now deprecated. Fleio is now installed and managed withe docker compose command that is part of V2. Docker Compose Version 2 has been in General Availability since April 22 and has a wide adoption. This makes it safe for production.

The switch is automatic on Fleio upgrade, and you don’t need to do anything. In case you were used to running docker-compose commands, instead of just fleio commands, you should start using docker compose instead. It is important that you do not use docker-compose anymore, since it creates containers with names having an underscore, e.g., fleio_backend_1, instead of the hyphen-minus (fleio-backend-1) docker compose uses to name containers. And this may mess up your installation.

Reseller frontend removed

As announced in 2022.08.1 release, we’re removing the reseller feature from Fleio. This is because the feature is hardly used and allows us to free up resources and focus and what’s really used by the Fleio customers.

The reseller backend will also be removed in an upcoming release.

Version branches in fleio-whmcs

A quick reminder: the fleio-whmcs open source project contains a WHMCS module that links your WHMCS installation to Fleio. You can continue to use WHMCS for billing (invoices are issued from WHMCS, payment gateways are in WHMCS) and you use Fleio as (1) OpenStack control panel (2) cost tracking for cloud resources.

Since we’re introducing some breaking changes in fleio-whmcs, we’re adding version branches to the project. So the source code before today’s release is marked as branch 1.0.0 and changes published today are on branch 2.0.0. The README file shows compatibility between WHMCS, Fleio and fleio-whmcs versions.

We’ve also added a CHANGELOG which will be updated on each fleio-whmcs release from now on.

Other improvements

Users can see estimated cost when filling in the create DNS zone form
  • estimated cost info was added to create DNS zone form
  • fleio nuke command completely erases your installation. This is dangerous, especially if you’re used to running it in a development environment with the --force flag. A backup is now created automatically before nuking your install.
  • when adding or editing a staff user you can now select right there what support tickets notifications to receive and for which departments
  • improved activity log and email log entries display
  • to avoid database inconsistencies while upgrading, all containers are stopped before running the database migrations (which alter database schema and possibly data)
  • in a lab environment, it could be useful to empty the Fleio database and bring it to original, empty, state: fleio resetdb. Obviously, don’t run this in production as it erases all database content.
  • other enhancements and no less than 45 bug fixes, ranging from minor to major

As always, you can find all changes in the change log and Fleio stable version 2022.11.1 will be released in about one week.

Let us know if you have any questions.