Fleio 2023.05.0 beta is now available, and you can test it in your lab environment.

Single Sign-On with SAML 2

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies user management and reduces the number of passwords a user has to remember or securely store. Fleio now enables you to use SSO with the SAML 2 protocol, both for staff users and end-users. SAML 2 is designed to be used with a fixed number of predefined users, usually inside an organization. To use SAML 2, you need an identity provider, such as Google Workspace or JumpCloud.

It makes sense for anyone to use SAML 2 for the staff users, but for the end-users, it only makes sense if you are using Fleio inside an organization, with a fixed number of known users. For a public cloud, OAuth is more fitting, allowing, for example, anyone with a Google account to sign-up, even if he is not part of your organization.

OAuth is under development, and it will probably be in the next Fleio version.

Other improvements

Fleio 2023.05.0 contains a series of enhancements and bug fixes, including:

  • Message template selector when closing a support ticket
  • Filter system logs (Fleio Docker container logs) by time range
  • Add default value for configurable options
  • Improve details in the pricing list view

And many other improvements and bug fixes that you can find in the 2023.05.0 change log.

DBaaS with Trove on the way

Database-as-a-Service with the OpenStack Trove project is currently under development. The feature is hidden by default (with the feature toggle openstack.dbaas), since we would like to polish it some. You can still check it in your testing environment. DBaaS will be officially included in the next release, 2023.06.

The stable release, 2023.05.1, will follow in a few days.