Here comes the last and latest Fleio release of 2022. Fleio stable version 2022.12.1 includes many usability improvements, some small features and, as always, bug fixes.

New ticket form now has a To field and some extra buttons for text formatting.

Improved new ticket form

You can now open a ticket to a random email address, it doesn’t have to be an existing Fleio user, nor does it have to be assigned to a client. If you select a client for the new ticket, it will show you which Fleio users will receive the email and you can add extra email in the Cc field.

New Fleio commands

fleio django command gives you access to the many commands that are standard in Django, are part of Django shell_plus or are specific Fleio. Some of the things you can do:

  • fleio django createsuperuser – create a staff user
  • fleio django changepassword email@address – reset password for any end-user or staff user
  • fleio django fleio_edition – show the installed Fleio edition

Run fleio django --help to see a full list of commands or the command name with --help to see specific command help, e.g., fleio django migrate --help.

New openstack command

The standard openstack command is a handy way to manage or find out some info regarding your OpenStack installation. You can even automate some operations with a script. Now you have quick way to use it from the console where Fleio is installed. For instance to list your OpenStack projects use:

fleio openstack list projects

It will use the OpenStack endpoint and credentials you have already configured in the staff panel.

You can now install Fleio on AlmaLinux 8 and Rocky Linux 9. Docker and other dependencies are installed automatically and you install Fleio in a single command, just like on any other distro.

Other small improvements that will make your life better:

  • we modified over 100 dialogs and in-page forms to behave in a consistent manner: buttons are disable after submit (to avoid double-clicking) and the circular loader is now consistent
  • end-users get a warning that their credit balance may be too low before creating a cloud resource, like compute instance. Until now, they only got an error after filling in and submitting the form
  • when adding or editing a currency, it’s clear now how the currency conversion will work. There’s a text like “1 EUR = 1.070000 USD”
  • You can toggle on/off the instance shelve functionality

Like in most of our releases, the list of features, improvements and bug fixes has over 100 items. See the 2022.12.1 change log for a full list.


This is the last release of 2022. We thank, you, all our clients and partners for all your support and we wish you happy holidays! May 2023 be a successful and a prosperous year! We assure you of all our support and effort to constantly improve Fleio and make it an excellent product for OpenStack public clouds and for web hosting providers.