The first release of 2023 focuses on improved user experience and bug fixes.

Improved auto complete field

Allow us to wish you a peaceful, happy, and prosperous 2023! May all your wishes come true! We, at Fleio, will continue to make sure you have a better product with each release.

2023.01.0 beta release is now available, and you can test it in your lab environment. A quick reminder: for each purchased Fleio license you are entitled to when development or staging license. This dev license is intended to test Fleio and your customizations before upgrading your production installation. The dev license may not be used in a production environment.

This release cycle was a shorter one due to the holidays, but we still have over 50 issues in our changelog. Most of the issues focus on improved user experience, e.g.:

  • The improved auto complete field now acts in a more predictable and user-friendly fashion.
  • When opening a form, including dialogs, the focus is automatically set to the first edit field
  • Improvements and bug fixes on OpenStack products that are using price options “fixed plus dynamic” and “dynamic but at least fixed”
  • More improvements in circular and linear loaders to offer the user some feedback regarding what’s going on in the app.

Several other bug fixes are shown in the 2023.01.0 change log.

2023.01.1 stable will follow in about a week.