Fleio version 2023.02.1 stable is now available and you can install it or upgrade your production installation.

Fleio container logs were only available until now with the docker logs command and the logs were lost on Fleio container restart.

Starting with Fleio 2023.02 we’re saving all longs in a Docker volume and you have the logs available in the Staff panel where you can also search them. Fleio Docker container logs are now kept even after containers restart. Container logs older than 24 months are automatically deleted. You can customize this in staff panel, Settings, General, Advances settings tab.

Detailed cost in the billing history is now clearer. For instance, we changed from “20GBh” to the detailed version ” 2GB x 10 hours”.

We have upgraded Python to version 3.11.1 and this brings some performance benefits as it consumes less CPU. We upgraded Angular to version 15 and this may require some manual steps on upgrade if you have a custom theme defined.

Fleio has supported a client to have multiple associated users (with permissions) and a user having access to multiple clients since about a year ago. Now this feature is enabled by default and we’ve improved the user interface for seeing and the active and selecting a client.

If you’re using the ticketing system, there’s a handy new “Reply & close” button.

See the full list of version 2023.02.1 improvements in the change log.