In 2023.03.0 we’re changing the design of the form fields to MDC-based Angular Material Components. This is part of the Angular 15, the latest release. Read on to discover other Fleio improvements.

Angular 15 MDC components

We’re upgrading third party libraries in each of our monthly releases. Angular 15 comes with MDC-based Angular Material Components, making our previous form components soon obsolete. This was a lot of work, but it’s important to not stay on obsolete third party dependencies.

The form fields are slightly changed, with a gray background:

EU VAT exempt status automation

Cloud operators from the European Union (EU) that are VAT registered in the EU do not charge VAT to customers from EU that are also VAT registered. The VAT registration status of a customers may change, and VAT must be charged when customer is not VAT registered. In 2023.03 we have added support for various VAT scenarios. First of all, you need to consult with your accountant and define the tax rules. After you check “Auto set EU tax exemption on client add” in Configuration, Invoicing section, a new field appears in staff panel in the create/edit Client form: “Tax exempt automation”. When default value “Automatically set tax exempt state” is selected in the “Tax exempt automation” client field, the EU VIES VAT API is interrogated to check if the provided VAT ID is valid. When a VAT ID is valid, the client “Tax exempt” field is set to false. If you want to overwrite this behavior, just select “Always tax exempt” or “Never tax exempt”.

Since the VAT ID valid status of a client may change in time, we have a new periodic task that queries the VIES VAT API and updates clients’ tax-exempt status.

If you are not from EU, or your company is not VAT registered in the EU, you probably want to leave “Automatically set tax exempt state” disabled in the Configuration (Invoicing section). Consult with your accountant on any tax related information.

Billing history performance improvement

Billing history display for a client that has many instances and/or many IP addresses was taking quite some seconds. The performance was improved with 30-50% in 2023.03. There is still room for improvement and it will be addresses in the future versions.

And more

Our internal GitLab shows 126 issues that were closed in 2023.03.0, some of the internal – like improved automatic tests -, some related to documentation, and many enhancements and bug fixes. See the 2023.03.0 change log.

The stable release, 2023.03.1, will follow in about one week.