Fleio version 2021.05.0 is now available in beta and you can test it in your lab environment since this release is not recommended for production.

You can read more about our release model here.

OpenStack Victoria support

With the latest release we are proud to let you know that we have added OpenStack Victoria to the list of supported Openstack versions. In the upcoming period we are committed to implement support for Wallaby too.

OpenStack quota management support

With 2021.05.0 release we have implemented support for OpenStack quota management. Now you will be able to configure quotas on a per project basis, directly from Fleio.

Display estimated price on resource create

With the latest release we have also started to display the estimated price when deploying cloud resources.

The price should be displayed both in staff panel and enduser panel, for the following resources:

  • instance create, instance resize, instance snapshot and instance backup
  • image create
  • volume create, volumes backup and volumes snapshot
  • floating IPs create

Keep in mind that this is an estimated usage for cases where additional costs might be added in the long run (i.e if you have pricing rules for traffic).

We would also like to remind you that we’re retiring system package deployment (2021.05 will be the last release that includes deb/rpm system package).

If you didn’t read our blog post where we have detailed why we are retiring the packages, please check the Retiring system package deployment blog post. Don’t forget to use the --include-beta flag when running the docker installation command, it will take into account beta releases when determining the “latest” release:

curl -s -o install https://fleio.com/install && sudo bash install --include-beta

We’ll talk about some of the other features in the stable release, 2021.05.1, which should be out in about one week.

In the meanwhile, see a complete list of changes in the https://fleio.com/docs/changelog/v2021.05.0.html.