Fleio’s full functionality has been available until now in a single edition. We’re now splitting the functionality by introducing a new Fleio edition and we’re changing the CPU core-based licensing to RAM-based licensing for the OpenStack edition.

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@jannerboy62

Fleio OpenStack Edition licensed on RAM

The new OpenStack Edition is the product you already know and use without functionality specific to web hosting packages. We’re removing from the OpenStack Edition the following modules: cPanel shared hosting, domain registration and the support ticketing system.

The CPU cores-based licensing has been problematic. Physical CPU cores reporting from compute nodes is unreliable on various CPU architectures and CPU information is simply unavailable in some OpenStack setups.

The new licensing model is based on total physical RAM available on all compute nodes. As a rule of thumb, the new price is about 0.1€ / 1 GB RAM / month with the following packages available:

2048 GB RAM3072 GB RAM4096 GB RAM+256 GB RAM increments
200€ / month300€ / month400€ / month+25€ / month

Fleio Hosting Billing Edition

Fleio already includes several functionalities of a general web hosting billing solution: cPanel shared web hosting accounts automation, internet domain names registration and life cycle management, support ticketing system, general recurring services invoicing and credit card charging and others.

But our development effort has not been targeted much on this area in the recent period. Creating a new edition for general hosting billing functionality allows us to generate the revenue stream required to fund the development.

New hosting automation modules will be introduced, and the current features will be polished and extended in the following months.

Here’s the pricing for the Fleio Hosting Billing Edition:

1000 clients20 € / month
2500 clients50€ / month
5000 clients100€ / month
10000 clients200€ / month
20000 clients300€ / month
30000 clients450€ / month
50000 clients600€ / month
100000 clients800€ / month
unlimited clients2000€ / month

Fleio combined edition: OpenStack + Hosting Billing Edition

For full Fleio functionality you can combine the two editions in a single Fleio installation by purchasing the OpenStack Edition and adding Hosting Edition licensed clients.

Fleio leased license only

Another important change is that we are no longer offering owned licenses. The only option to use Fleio is through a leased license. We will honor the existing owned licenses: updates and support will be provided until expiration date. If you have an owned license you can continue to use your version of Fleio indefinitely, without receiving updates or support. After your support period expires, the only way to update Fleio or to receive support is to switch to a leased license.


For newly ordered licenses changes apply immediately.

For currently active leased licenses the changes will apply for invoices issued after October 1st.

We’ll continue to offer our monthly releases, introducing new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Technical support continues to be part of the license, without any additional cost.

We thank all our customers for the continuous support during all these years. We understand that this will increase the cost for some of our customers, but it’s a necessary change to ensure active development and sustainability of our software project.